The Idea

happiness & freedom

We all love moments of triumph. Those moments where we realize: we DID it!  Whether it’s after cooking a new dish, building a skyscraper, singing a concert or running a marathon, we have the same particularly exhilarating and satisfying feeling of accomplishment.

My thesis is that we feel this way every time we succeed with something new. Small or large, challenges make life exciting. I think that it must be human nature to grow, to change, to become more than we were the day before.

And if it’s not human nature, it’s certainly MY nature! Call me competitive, call me aggressive, call me brave, I like succeeding at new things. So I’m making this website to explore this, and perhaps develop some fun, social way to challenge ourselves and each other. Let’s see what will happen!


One thought on “The Idea

  1. Jim Rightmyer

    J’aime bien apprendre nouvelle choses, alors j’aime bien ton site d’internet! Bonne chance dans tous ton aventures!


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